Thursday, May 21, 2009

Making Things Club Night

Last night, Nicky, Cookie, Rex and I all met up behind Columbia Road in a small pub called the Nelson's Head, where they had saved a big table for us tucked away at the back. It was a really great venue and I am sure we will be going there again. Everyone was full of industry making various things. I made a new monster!

I had some trouble deciding on his face though. The options seemed to have a great effect upon his emerging personality, but here he is!


f. pea said...

Good face choice! I love this new monster.

ray said...

ooh he looks feisty, did he spill your pint?

Anonymous said...

Hi There
I just wanted to ask you a question as im wanting to attempt to make my very first sock monkey... Do you put it all together with a sewing machine or do you hand stitch it all?

Anonymous said...

You can do either. If you're going to give it to a child then I'd recommend a sewing machine.

I usually sew all the bits on a machine as it's so quick, then I cut them out, stuff them and stitch them on by hand.

Anonymous said...

Thanks i'll give that a go. Cant wait to get started. Now to find the perfect pair of socks to do my very 1st sock monkey:)