Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Incubator Quilt Finished

So last week I started the ickle quilt, tonight I added the binding and finished it off. I thought I'd use it as a test for doing a continuous binding and I'm glad I did as I made a right mess of it. I made the border too thin to accommodate the lumpy end bit. I tried to pin and sew the seam under but it didn't really work as it was just too thick.

You can finish it off in a nicer way which I think I will definitely do from now on as I realise the lump is just going to annoy me. Luckily it's packed up ready to go to the premature baby ward, to be given to some lucky baby along with the umpteen others my mum has been churning out. I've done my bit though so I feel very virtuous.

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