Sunday, March 07, 2010

Crochet course

Last Thursday I did a tea and cake crochet night with Makedoandmend which was great. Two hours of beginners crochet. Although I can crochet, I can really only do one stitch and go round and round and round. I just thought it would be a good way to learn the other basic stitches in a few hours and it was.

They had people there that had never knitted or crocheted in their lives which was fine as basically once they taught us all a stitch and started slowly making their way round to check everyone and help them, it gave me time to endlessly drill the actions into my head and really concentrate on holding the wool right. As with my knitting, I am beginning to really appreciate how learning good techniques early can go a long way when you advance but can't seem to speed up.

And let me just say that the ginger cake. Crikey, it was good. I am on a mission to make my own like that; almost black.

They gave us some lovely wool to choose from and I got a hook that I haven't already got so I was stoked. Next Thursday I have signed up for the granny square night which I am very excited about. I want to make this!

I am now going to go and organise my meagre collection of hooks and think about getting some more!


Claire Vincent said...

fancy doing a show and tell next week?

Anonymous said...

Oh yes. It's going to be ace. I am going to make a whole blanket in two hours.

j15ess said...

Ohhh, I am so jealous!