Saturday, March 20, 2010


So I have been busy with my granny squares. I decided that I didn't like some of the colour combinations I had done with the very very bright pink, so I have been doing more of the purpley ones. This has set me back slightly but it's all good practice. I am started to get a little tired of the square though and am itching to start the next big crochet project. I think it's time to start planning for a more advanced square pattern and maybe something a little bigger than a cushion.

When Samara first taught me crochet in the pub I went out and bought this book. My dream being to make an Afgan for myself. I decided to that perhaps I might try the block on the cover now I feel confident enough so I went on a pilgrimage to Loop to get some wool for my project.

I got big wool rather than the thin wool they recommend partly because it was in the right colours and partly because I thought big might make it easier to see with at first and cover a greater area in the end. And to top it all off, I got a free bag, Can't be bad! Rainbow crochet here I come!


ray said...

ooooh those are so lovely that I forgive you for going to Loop without me!

Anonymous said...

We still have our tokens to spend there so we can go again when you are here!