Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Project

Crochet 02

Even though I have not finished tying all the ends of my last crochet project, I just thought I would gather together some new wool for the next one as I happened to be passing both the new Loop shop in Islington and Liberties.

Crochet 01

I also bought this grey wool because it was just so soft.

Crochet 03

Here is close up of the start. I am not sure that it's right at all.

Crochet 4

It doesn't seem very square but I am sure it will stretch. Now to decide if I do them all blue or in different colours.


MARTA said...

OHHHHH!!! I love the blues and white combination! So wonderful granny square.

MARTA said...

OHH!! I love the blues and white combination. So wonderful granny square!

poppet said...

Is this for the cushion? I'd do it in lots of different colours, but you know me - I like a bit of colour!

Anonymous said...

More wool, I just need more wool!