Wednesday, June 23, 2010


My problem is that I see so many things I want to make and I never have time to make any of them, yet I become obsessed with them. Then I stop the three seconds I have spent on the previous project and move onto spending 3 seconds on the new one.

I have been tying up the loose ends of my original granny squares for my cushion which is now going to be a blanket. It's boring work and I haven't got very far since I started back at work. It's so sad to realise that you have about three hours a day of free time in which to cram in the rest of your life.

It did occur to me that I lose track of all these great things I am going to make, so I thought I might post them here so I can find them again when I need to. Obviously this means it's not my work, but I shall always try to credit people and include links. And it means my friends can see if they want to make them with me! It might all come in dribs and drabs and be a bit of a brain dump, but without further a do... I shall begin the new 'Inspiration' tagged posts.

I would like to make this cushion from the brilliant Yvestown blog.

It's so neat and tidy. I can't work out if that is down to technique, practice or wool (Cocktail by Markoma 50% cotton 50% acrylic - which only seems to be on sale in The Netherlands). I love the techniques of joining them together. It's not how we learnt it in class.

I can't decide what colours though. I love the blue, green, yellow and pink squares in this, but I also love this version on Dotty Angel's blog

This is original image that the course was advertised with and what really sold me on doing it! I love the subtle colours. Sometimes I think I am just too technicolour and I need to be more subtle and earthy.

I need to buy wool.
More wool.
I am running out of places to hide it though.


Anonymous said...

I've got the Yvestown one on my inspiration list too!

ray said...

*sigh* sooo pretty, we need wool, must go wool shopping!

Claire Vincent said...

wow those pieces look gorgeous, as for the colours you'll just have to do one of each :)

Anonymous said...

So true so true! A matching pair! It's Knitnation at the end of July so I am going to get wool especially for both!