Thursday, November 11, 2010

Single Girl Quilt

Another day, another project finished. Here is the quilt for the baby Mabel. A year late but finished. I really loved the pattern when I saw it. It's called "single girl" and it's by Denise Schmidt.

It took quite a long time because I had to make all the templates out of Myla so I didn't hack the pattern to pieces. I tried to make it as random as possible so each ring looked different.

In the end I did most things wrong. I cut the white material too small and had to unpick it. In future I would cut it much bigger so I could trim it down afterwards.

I finally got to grips with how useful two rulers can be when your quilt is really big. I am not too good at folding them in four and trimming. It just scares me, so this lining up of rulers felt safer.

The biggest problem was the machine quilting. I found it really hard to keep turning the quilt as it was quite bulky and involved a lot of folding it then re folding it. All the twisting and turning and stopping and starting meant that the needle kept jumping when I stopped and started and it took me a long long time to work out how to minimise it. So it's a bit rough round the edges, but I learnt loads and those are my favourite kinds of quilts to do.

It looked great in the end.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. I love it! I want to make one.

Jess said...

And baby Mabel loves it! She is composing a thank you letter as we speak. (Actually, she isn't, she is asleep, but she will be doing!)

Claire Vincent said...

I thought it looked gorgeous J, very pretty.

I totally get the need for more than one ruler, I wouldn't dare fold and trim the quilt down. I'd probably slice straight through the good stuff.

Marlene @Flare Fabrics said...

Love the quilt! Beautiful colours. I'm certain Mabel loves it.

RenoRx (Watch Meesh Run) said...

This is beautiful! Love the color selection AND the quilting :)