Saturday, February 18, 2012

Swoon Saturday Progress

20120218-P1180897.jpg So it's chill out time. Here is today's progress so far. Above is the setup. On the right is the programmer, silently tapping away, on the left is the sewing machine; my domain.

20120218-P1180889.jpg I didn't use templates in the end, I just used my rulers. It was pretty straightforward.

20120218-P1180891.jpg I decided to cut 4 big squares instead of rectangles to save on space. You can see from the bits at the side how much I had left over.

20120218-P1180893.jpg I chain pieced everything together then ironed it flat.

20120218-P1180895.jpg I cut my half square triangle pieces a little bigger to start with so I had a bit of trim. So they were 4" instead of 3 7/8. Then I trimmed them down to exact size using the diagonal as a guide. I am hoping this extra time gives me good points. I am rubbish at points, just rubbish. Now I am ready to sew these units together now I have been to the shops to get my roast dinner ingredients for tomorrow, had lunch and had a little chill out on the sofa. Here we go again!

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