Friday, October 26, 2012

Hexagon update

20121023-P1230045.jpg So being one handed all the times means that not a great deal gets done, but recently I have been set free slightly by the play mat my sister gave me. Sometimes she'll happily gaze up at the dangling things for 20 mins! So I have fitted in a little bit of quilting. The top is finished, I basted it really messily and quickly and now I am quilting the stars in pink and green Stef Francis thread and greeny grey for the hexagons. I've noticed some of the hand seams are pretty weak so I hope the quilting holds it together a bit. I love how homemade it looks.


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Kim said...

Ooh- I am very impressed that you are squeezing quilting into your busy day already! And it looks lovely. Will it be cot-sized or larger? It is nice to read a post from you again too. Happy autumn.