Sunday, December 29, 2013

Cat Clothes

My Neighbour petitioned me to make her daughter's cat some 'all seasons' clothing. I am not really a seamstress but I have tried my best. We went to the cheap fabric shop and she picked out some really bright fabric. As a result taste fell by the wayside a bit. It's more of a mismatch of things, but I think that makes it more exciting. I have really enjoyed this project!

A stripy pink dress with tutu and stripy scarf. This is a bit of a cheat, as the dress is one of Penelope's which I have just taken in at the sides and the bottom hem. The tutu was from a babygrow. I also included some baby booties to give it a hi top 80's look. This is a Pretty in Pink alternative prom outfit I reckon. The only thing I really made was the scarf and even that was half hearted. I wanted to make a long Doctor Who type scarf and it was all going brilliantly but I ran out of time to sew in all the ends so I had to just back it with some fluro fleece scraps I had. I'm a bit sad really as I had wanted it to have tassles and be an ace scarf, whereas I feel it's a bit lumpy now. Oh well. Time waits for no man.

The bow on the tutu is a nice element though, I am sure a six year old will like that. The elastic is a bit baggy as I didn't do it very well. It was a learning curve.

A red gingham dress. This is a bit of a cheat again. This is one of Penelope's first dresses she was given which is still brand new with tags on. It was just too cold when she was that little. Plus we didn't get out of babygrows until she was 6 months really. Anyway I took in the sides, the top and the bottom and hey presto, cat has a summery dress.

It ended up looking quite fitted in the end which I was pleased with. I left it long because it looks like a Red Riding Hood outfit. Something to wade through sticky buds and damp ferns with. The cloak I did make! Horrah. I am pleased with the gold trim. I have never done that before.

I am quite pleased with the drape here. Very regal. br />
20131219-P1320065 It has a nice big button to do it up which also worked out well.

Gold lamé waistcoat and bow tie, gold flecked jersey trousers with gold lamé turnups.

As for the trousers. They were supposed to be baggy, MC Hammer style trousers but my measurements were all off. I'd quite like to make them again to the right size without the turnups. There is something a bit Shawoddywoddy about the turnups.

The waistcoat it really badly made. I could have done the seams so much better if I had thought more about it. I was following this great pattern, but I failed to do the last bit right by being in a rush and not reading it through properly. I like the pocket though. I couldn't do her posh pockets. One day I will read up how to do them properly. I will also learn how to do button holes so it can be done up nicely. I might have also made a chain and pocketwatch or pair of wire spectacles. One day...

A red felt coat and hat. The coat is my favourite thing. I made it from an enlarged version of this pattern.


I really like the detailing on the back and the pocket on the front.
I have to slightly change the neckline and the collar but otherwise it's pretty much as the pattern. I feel if I were to do it again I could tailor it slightly better over the shoulders. Although I have no idea how you do this. The hat is made from the sleeve of my old flatmate's jumper he gave me years a go when he accidentally felted it. I have had it in a box for yonks! I made the red bobble and sewed some ear holes into it. A perfect fit.

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