Friday, January 03, 2014

The Year Review

2013 roundup
This year has been more prolific than I thought. I really thought I had only made two things but it's interesting how the little things all add up. Compared with last year it seems a lot but it's all mostly little projects.

1. Cardy. I was really pleased with this. I wish I had knitted more this year. I might make another cardigan now that I have been given a book of patterns for xmas. I am just so slow.
2. A baby quilt. I enjoyed making this tiny quilt. I wish I had more of the fabric. I love it. I wish I hadn't backed it with pink though. I feel it's a little loud.
3. Tripp Trapp seat. This has been used and abused I can tell you. I think we are finally nearing the end of its use. It has been great though and I have enjoyed its jollyness. Now I just need to recycle it into something else somehow.
4. iPad holder. This was so useful. Our white noise days are over now though and so it's been out of commission for a while. I'd like to make it into something which hangs off the sofa in some way but I haven't worked it out yet.
5. Sewing machine cover. It looks a bit silly as it's short, but it works perfectly. I am annoyed I didn't quilt it properly though. I'd like to make the whole thing again, but properly. And I have since found the special foot you use for piping, that makes everything so much easier!
6. Crochet roll. I love making these. I can't believe I haven't made one for myself yet. It was a good stash buster too. I was never going to use the old Amy Butler fabric otherwise. I am just not into it any more.
7. Taggie. It's hour was short lived, but it was dribbled on for that short time. I should really pass it on to another baby but I can't. I have put it in a small box of Penelope things to remember some of those early days by.
8. Bunting. Ah ha! The bunting that never got used in the end. Hopefully this birthday it will be out in all its glory. I'm still really pleased with the quality and all the bright colours.
9. Dribble bib. Penelope stopped dribbling as soon as I made this. I put it on her anyway though.
10. Behold! The Sally Dress. This has to be my greatest achievement of 2013. I learnt a lot and I am well impressed with myself. I wish she would hurry up and walk though as it's too impractical for her to wear whilst she is crawling, I fear it will be too small by the time she starts walking. Part of me would like to make the whole thing again though, so I can make it better.
11. Teeny Quilt. A great project for a few hours work and a nice use of liberty fabric.
12. Sewing kit. I love this. It's so wonky, but I love it.
13. Cat winter. This coat was so easy to make, a really great pattern.
14. Spring. The bow tie was Simon's idea. Showman cat! I'd love to make some of the trousers for Penelope, but perhaps baggier and without the turnups... and not it gold.
15. Summer. A bit of a cheat but at least I made the cloak.
16. Bike blanket I forgot about this! I made a bike blanket for Penny. It's one of the best things I have made her! We use it everyday and it works brilliantly. It keeps off the rain and protects her in the wind and cold. One of my better ideas.

Oh I totally missed off the car quilt which really does take the top spot in useful things. It's just a bit of Simon's cashmere jumpers sewn together. It's really soft and a perfect size to wrap round her in the car or the buggy. It gets taken everywhere.

Jeez. That's it!

I'd like to keep up with the small projects this year but maybe do a bit more quilting. I'd like to make a bag and do more knitting this year. I am trying to make a quilt at the moment but it's quite hard to fit any progress into the odd hour or two I get. I didn't finish any of last year's unfinished projects so they're all still to do. Courses Those days are just over. Let's face it. I did go to Birmingham though and I'd like to go every year!

Resolutions for 2014 
To use up scraps
To not buy new fabric unless it's for something specific
To make time for sewing
To do more knitting specially a pair of socks!

Resolutions from last year 
To continue finishing things off instead of starting big new projects - didn't do so well on that but I haven't started anything huge. I nearly have, but luckily I couldn't even manage that!

To not buy new fabric - I didn't do too well with that, specially at Birmingham. D'oh. But I think I have cut down.

To get back into sewing now that Penelope is a bit more independent. I think I have done really well!

To do more knitting and crochet so I don't forget. Not so good on that point.

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