Saturday, February 01, 2014

MapleO quilting

The MapleO project is progressing. I didn't have enough backing material as I had worked it out wrong, then I cur it wrong. Sigh. So I had to add lots of strips of scraps. I didn't know if I would have enough but it all worked out and it looks lovely. Like a minimal quilt. It will be two sided! I laid out all my bits and just had to work with what I had. It really means I will only have scraps left over which is a good use of fabric in my book.

I managed to baste it in one night successfully on our carpet; I am not sure how tight I managed to get the backing though, as I couldn't tape it to the carpet. I then started quilting in small sessions. It's a big, puffy beast to pass through the sewing machine and I should really pull the table out as there is no room for the quilt on the other side of the machine. It hurts my hands after a while, yanking it all about and continually folding it this way and that.

So I think it will only happen in small burst of energy. I am not going to do loads to it as I don't want to make it stiff. I keep looking at Amanda's pictures trying to work out what she did. We'll see how I get on.

I am really liking the puffy quality of the wadding though. And it's so light to lift. I love it!

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