Thursday, February 27, 2014



Binding a quilt is one of my favourite parts. I just like getting comfy with it on my lap and working my way from one end to the other. I also get to revel in the fact that it's another project soon to be completed. I've enjoyed making this quilt so much that I might make another with the scraps. The fabric I used for the binding and in the quilt has no scraps! I used every last inch which is a job well done especially considering I bought it on a whim for no purpose. I always castigate myself when I buy fabric for no reason. I worry it will just sit there unused, but this fabric has done me proud and I love the stripe on the binding. I also still like the text fabric! The dictionary fabric is just growing on me even more.

I'm also pretty pleased with my wonder clips. I mean they are essentially no different than the big metal hair grip ones my mum has which are far cheaper except that they grip more accurately and easier, they don't slide off with handling and most importantly, they are shiny and see through. I am putting them on my Christmas list again as 10 is not enough!


The only worrying thing about using up stash is my thread. I haven't bought any in such a long time. I used to replace one as soon as it ran out so I had a full supply. I am a little worried as the cost of replacing all these adds up. I had to change from white to cream half way through which is silly really as I'll HAVE to buy more white thread anyway as it's just NEEDFUL.

I am thinking about the next project as I bind. Exciting times. I am trying to work out a hitlist of small projects that I can do one a month of. No big quilts! No quilts at all! Thinking...

In the meantime, The catnap contest winner is announced tomorrow. There were some really amazing entries. The Flickr group has them all. Check it out! I love them all!

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