Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Wedding Quilt


When Rachel told me she was getting married I panicked. She had knitted me a beautiful double bed spread for my wedding and now I needed to make her something at a time when I couldn't even tidy up after myself. I instantly set about making a vintage quilt for a vintage wedding. The kind of quilt you would take on a picnic and take a faded polaroid of. It's based on one I saw by Penelope Waits

I say based on because I am an idiot. I just didn't have the patience to follow her great instructions. I just started sewing a plain and pattern together from a jelly roll. It was super easy which is why I decided to do it. No real cutting, no real thinking. I wasn't big on thinking at that point. Getting three hour chunks of sleep was making me into all kinds of stupid.


Of course after I had sewn all the fabric together I realised it required a bit more thought than that. Always the way. But I felt like I was racing against a clock. I just needed to get it done! So everytime the baby slept I cracked on with it. It actually came together really quickly.


I had to stick stickers on all the blocks so I didn't have to work anything out later on. I was having problems matching left and right shoe let alone work out a pattern. Once they were all marked I just gradually sewed them together over many many naps. I wasn't very organised.


But it all came good in the end. I wish I had taken the time to had quilt it, but I just thought I would never get there if I did. I must have started this the week after Rachel told me about the wedding. You think a year would be enough time, but I panicked. I think my cream fabric is a little less creamy and I think I should have washed mine so it went nice and scrunchy. I also wish I had a few of Penelope's fabrics in there. I used Storybook by Whistler Studios for Windham Fabrics with a couple of extra fat quarter in that I bought specially. I bought mine from The Cottonpatch. They have this Nostalgia Trip in stock currently.

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It's a lovely quilt x