Friday, April 25, 2014

Zipper #2

I made a bag! I wanted to try making zip ends again and do it right this time. I sewed the zipper ends into the side seam first time round which made them lumpy. This time I did it right. I ballsed up other things instead! Oh well, it's a learning curve and I learnt a lot.

I slightly changed the fabrics on each side just to add a bit of interest. I love how the accounts text worked out. The bag started with the scraps of Catnap I had left from Penelope's dress. I knew I wanted to make some kind of bag with it but I wasn't sure. I saw this bag that R0ssie made and thought 'Yes!' But the pattern never appeared... gutted! So I had to make up my own. A bad idea when I am so new at this. I kind of made it up as I went along.

I think the fabrics really go well together. They are:
Text by Alison Glass
Architextures by Carolyn Friedlander
Accounts by Michael Miller
Botanics by Carolyn Friedlander
Catnap by Lizzy House

I made the ends of the zip longer this time as I like them generous.

So this is a biggish bag. Almost iPad size but not. Only because my zip wasn't long enough. I based everything around the zip. I decided to try making an inner pocket for my phone. I had no idea how you make such a thing. I had to look up videos on uTube. I followed this tutorial. My lining is wrinkly as a result though. I probably did it wrong. I am very hamfisted. I might try this technique next time.
I also based my pocket on my zip collection. I thought a bright pink inner zip required a bright pink lining so I cracked out some of my precious £2.99 a metre neon fabric. It's worked out brilliantly.

I added a little tag like you do, but I also added a bigger pink tag so I can add a hoop through it to make it easier to carry. It slipped though as I pinned it badly and it's wonky. How annoying!

I love these chunky zips. I love the lining too. I love everything about it. The mistakes are a bit irksome, but I'm getting better. I'm not that impressed with my inner lining seams. I need to look up a new technique so that the lining is better. In the meantime I need to work out what to put in my bag. I might put my new hexagon project in it. More on that soon.

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