Thursday, May 01, 2014

Skinny Pincushion

Another project from the project book complete! I saw Noodlehead's skinny pincushion and thought it was a lovely use of Liberty fabric. So I high tailed it over to the Green Bee blog for the pattern.

It was a great pattern because it used so little of my Liberty stash. I get really stressed when I think I am using it all up as the pieces I have are only fat 16ths many of them. I chose some of my favourites. I used different fabrics for each side. The only non Liberty fabric is the green spot.

The main fabric was natural linen which I got for £4.50 a metre from the local craft shop! It's actually not as nice as the more expensive stuff I once bought from Ikea, but going to Ikea is a life decision I find. The last time we went we had to run through the warehouse grabbing things whilst Penelope screamed like she was being murdered. That's a nice memory to file away.

jay-ray-03 The stuffing is poor. I had used all my stuffing in the floor cushion and was loathe to buy more so soon, but I found an old bag of rejected stuffing. Ace! What a find! I patted myself on the back. Of course as soon as I started stuffing I remembered that it was terrible, lumpy stuffing. Why did I keep it? Bah! My inability to throw stuff away strikes again. But you know, waste not want not, beggers can't be choosers. I did go to the local pet shop to try and get silver sand instead, but luck was not on my side and I just didn't want to spend any more money. So lumpy skinny cushions it is! I am throwing away the remaining stuffing. Here we are, me and Ray, when we were 19 and I thought a stripy skate hat was a cool accessory. Oh those days. When Kaffe Fasset was the only fabric designer in the world and mumple was amassing her wardrobe of homemade Liberty shirts. We were already tie-dying and making MC hammer trousers by this point. Crafting was go!

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