Friday, February 13, 2015

Jitterbug part 6

So there was some Jitterbug action today. I managed to sew all my half square triangles together and sew half the strips for the final blocks. It feels like a long time coming, but finally I feel like things are coming together. I didn't want to rush it though as that's when things start not lining up. I wanted pointy points throughout.

Here is where I started from this morning. I thought I would sew all the two strips of HST's together and iron them flat before sewing the blocks into strips but I could't be bothered. I hope I don't end up paying for that later.

I had to lay the whole block out each time in order to ensure I sewed the HST's correctly.

I've found my 2 1/2" ruler and my 4 1/2" ruler invaluable for cutting blocks to size. I have trimmed every block to size up until this point. You can see me here lining up the 2 1/4" mark with the middle. I think this has really helped with my neatness.

The way I acheived having something to trim in either by cutting oversized pieces to begin with, or just sewing inside the 1/4" guide. I guess this is what is called a skinny 1\4". You can see the mark on the right of the fabric that shows the 1/4" line. I find that if I am just inside it I then have enough to trim later. Of course this is time consuming but I just sit with a pile in the evenings and trim them whilst Top Gear is on.

Bizarrely though I have given up on pinning. I find that on small pieces it really doesn't help. I have even looked up uTube videos on being a good pinner. I just find it bumps up my fabric. So if it's small enough I find that I can use my fingers to hold the point where I need the fabric to join up, then I just tug and pull my fabric as I sew slowly until everything meets up. It seems to work. I don't have to do very much. Sometimes I forget and those pieces are a bit shit but they'll do. So now I just need to iron those strips and I will finally be ready to sew the complete blocks together. Well the half that I have done.

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Anonymous said...

The pattern shows the half square triangles as being the same on each block. I like how you've done yours different. I think I'm going to do that too.