Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Mug Rug

So I decided to make a no expense valentine's day gift. I delved into the scrap bag and pulled out some pinky reds.

I chained sewed bits together.

I didn't straighten up anything. I just trimmed one side and added a third piece.

I cut templates out of scraps of paper.

I cut out heart shapes from a template I drew.

I cut darts in the fabric so it would bend smoothly. Usually I would iron the fabric around the shape but I couldn't be bothered so I just pinned this paper side down to the fabric and pushed the fabric underneath the paper with the needle as I went round. It was surprisingly successful.

I pieced front and backs out of scraps. I feel really good about using up the scrapbag. I ended up preferring the backs if I am honest.

I used scraps to make binding. Because they were short lengths I didn't want to add bulk by sewing them all together so I bound it the easy way. The corners were a bit of a handful though and look a bit messy.

I did really thin border and found it helped using one thickness of fabric rather than folding the fabric in half first.

They're a bit basic. I could have done better. But they are rustic and were easily completed.

I found some scraps on the bias so decided to try making a round rug mug. It was a mistake really. It was a bit hard to get right. I made a bit of a mess of it and now the finished thing won't sit flat. Oh dear.

20150211-P1380550 But eventually all three were complete and Penelope and I made the cards.

All popped into the post today. I hope they get there on time. I meant to post them first thing but Penelope was not in the best of spirits so I forgot all about it until the evening.

I made a fourth one for my proper valentine, but let's face it, he doesn't want that kind of frippery so I thought I'd just keep it for myself! I have put it next to the bed so that I don't clunk my phone down on the hard wood when I check the time. I am quite pleased with it.

20150212-P1380560 Well, The back is kind of my favourite bit.

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