Wednesday, November 18, 2015

FW19: Carolina & FW20: Caroline

20151118-P1430158.jpg Officially a fifth of the way through! Horrah! It's starting to take shape. Now that some of the fabrics are being repeated they are all gelling together a bit. We are still in sick land here. It is one thing after another. Penelope started vomiting late last night on the first night of not coughing herself awake constantly so she is in bed this morning and I am back sewing. At this rate I might as well do one of the US QAL blocks.

So these two blocks threw me slightly. I expected one to be difficult and the other to be easy, but I got them the wrong way round. I also lengthened my stitch length this week. I was finding it increasingly difficult to unpick blocks so I just made it longer and hey presto, it's all fine. I think I need to investigate seam rippers too. There must be a better tool.

Block 19: Carolina
Y-seam heaven. But actually they weren't very severe angles so it actually came together quite smoothly. I spent more time deciding on fabric.
Even the back seams very pretty easy. I did really starch the fabric to avoid too much stretch.

The 1930's print is a left over from the Jitterbug quilt which never quite fitted in. Here is works perfectly. I'm really happy with the result. There aren't that many versions of this block on Instagram so there are none that I wish were mine just yet. I did wonder if the background should just be plain grey in order to make the pattern more prominent but I am happy.

Block 20: Caroline
This block I am not so happy with. It's a simple idea but I poured over the fabric choices not being able to make up my mind. In the end I decided that I needed some more dark purple in there to balance out the few purple blocks I had done so far so I went with a simple matching pinky purple: a safe bet. The thing that annoys me with this block is that the three central points are all slightly off.

See? it's only slight, but it IS annoying.

And my seams are quite bulky. I should have taken more note of Kerry's swirl seam technique. It's an okay block but it doesn't thrill me. I could almost do it again just to see if I could get it perfect. It would be nice to know I had a learnt to a new technique if I can do the seam thingy.

I really like this version and I like Kerry's use of pink and purple. So maybe I'll try it again... or just move on to something new! That's the best thing about each block, once you've done one, it's over.

So slowly it's coming together; all my pinks peaches and purples. I think I like it... I think

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