Sunday, November 29, 2015

FW21: Carrie & FW22: Cat

This week I felt on top of things. I even considered doing a third block but then flaked out. It's getting really dark here though so taking photos of the blocks is getting much harder. It's just rain, cold and endless gloom. So sorry if things are a bit blurry. I need to rethink how I can photograph these blocks. I did think about getting some lights and one of those little white cubes people have. Do they work?

Block 21: Carrie
Carrie was easy. It was really enjoyable. All the seams nested together and it was all pretty straightforward. The kind of block you'd make a lot of. I found the colours a bit tricky. Which bit to make the highlight colour and what combination to use. I am not sure why I find it so hard but I do! Maybe that is a good thing. You'd think I would get more used to the possible combinations after playing with the same selection for so long but every block feels like a new project in a way. I just hope they all come together in the end. I liked Kerry's version of this block and wished I was using yellow in my quilt. I decided to make the central cross the boldest colour. I quite like the purplely blue combination. I might do more of this, but I worry that like MyBearPaw said, you start to see two sets of blocks emerge which could make two separate quilts! Maybe two small lapquilts would be quite nice though.


I made it all in the evenings over a few nights and this time I ironed every stage rather than finger pressing as I think it creates a flatter block. Although it still looks pretty lumpy here.

Block 22: Cat
Cat was all on the bias so a little stretchy but it came together pretty quickly. I think my pink and peach sink into each other a bit too much and perhaps the text is a little too much. I am not in love with this. It's one that I wouldn't mind redoing perhaps. We'll see. I have not come across a version which made me wish I had done it differently, but I have avoided the Facebook group so far which I know is far bigger. It just feels like a smaller group on Instagram which I find easier to keep up with.

I am not sure how December will work with making blocks and doing all the obligatory Christmas meet ups and prep for the holiday time. We'll see! I really need to be dropping some blocks unless I feel like making the full size version of this quilt which I reallly, reallly don't want to do! No big quilts, repeat. No big quilts...

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