Wednesday, February 03, 2016

FW39: Grandma & FW40: Grandmother

What a great week in Farmer's Wife land. I have been waiting for this block for what seems like an age. I have no idea why I like it so much but I saw this version and knew I was excited about it. After being so behind, last week was good because it was the first week I felt I had caught up. Well this week I feel ahead of myself! I had all the fabric cut for both blocks and I have had some time, usually about half an hour, every morning so far this week which has given me the time to sew them together before we're even halfway through the week! This means I feel like I have the time to re do an older block this week that I am not happy with. I am smokin...

I recently descovered the Flickr Farmer's Wife group and have started to add my blocks to it and write notes to myself about which ones I am happy/unhappy with in the descriptions. I also had a good rifle through the gallery there and saw lots of inspiring blocks. So now I have a tonnes of instagram faves and these new Flickr ones. I spend rather too much time sifting through my Instagram favourites in the evenings looking through blocks I really like, trying to work out why I like them, but it's annoying that they are dotted inbetween other general faved pictures so I decided to create a Pinterest board of favourite blocks so I can combine Flickr and Instagram. I might also write in the descriptions what I think I like about them. Anyway check it out!

Block 39 Grandma
As soon as I saw kerry's version of this block I knew that my love for the design was genuine. I also love this one by a__l but this one by Elise is really my all time favourite

Block 40 Grandmother
I wasn't so enamoured with this block. Another basket. Seeing as my other basket turned out a bit too traditional for my liking I considered dropping the entire block. Then I thought maybe I would just use all my scraps which I keep shoving under the sewing machine table and make a technicolour basket. A good chance to combine my oranges and yellows with my pinks and purples. And it had a good expanse of fabric to let some of my cats in. In the end I was quite pleased.

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