Saturday, February 13, 2016

FW43: Hope & FW44: Iris

So let's talk about Iris. I just wasn't convinced. It's like daffoldil in that it's a geometric representation of an object. It's just not something I really do. They always look a bit clunky. Knowing my wayward spirit though, I don't want to diss them too much as I'll probably love them next month. But right here and right now – it's out. So with only one block to concentrate on it should be easy right?


Block 43 Hope
Poor Hope. I just couldn't work it out. This is where I needed to wait for Kerry's post about it. How on earth do you join the whole thing together? I still have no idea. I just bodged it really badly. I will probably upick it once I see the easy answer Kerry will reveal on Monday. It is a lesson in getting ahead of yourself. In the meantime I have starched and ironed it to within an inch of its life in order to somehow mask that big bump in the middle. It's invisible right?

It's also a return to the grey I seem to be phasing out slightly. This block called for a dark background and it was either grey, brown or black as my dark purple ran out blocks a go. Brown would have been ... too brown. And black would have been very bold so grey came back. I think it's a good way to blend it in with my newer orange dots.


So on the whole I am pretty pleased with the colours here. I just think that last seam looks pretty dire.

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