Saturday, May 21, 2016

FW63: Mollie & FW64: Monette

This week I was behind. I considered dropping both blocks. I wasn't sure about them and they seemed over fiddly but I am glad I did both now. I chose hot colours this week. They came out pretty bright which might look weird in the overall quilt, but I love pink and orange together so I might do some more so it all fits in. The Lizzie House is a late addition just because I have run out of my dull purple fabric and I am determined not to buy more. Some of my fat quarters are on their last legs at this point. I have resisted fussy cutting the star fabric as it's too precious. I am not affluent enough for it. It also brings me no satisfaction seeing all the waste.

Millie block
It's a little bit wonky but was surprisingly easy as nothing really had to line up. I ironed and starched at every step though which I feel helps with these intricate blocks. I think the starch helps with fabric stretching and warping and slightly buckling when on the bias.

I feel this is like a bauhaus disco.

Even the back turned out pretty neat for me. My latest time-saving trick is that I trim all my seams with a big pair of scissors that I keep next to my machine. It is slightly less neat but it's much quicker.

Here I am stacking up my units. My workflow these days is that I spend all my week nights cutting the pattern and fabric then on saturday morning I do one block then Sunday, another. It means I do a lot more chain piecing now. Before I just did small bits every morning and spread it out over the week until I just had to sew the units together at the weekend. This new system works out just as well.

Monette block
It just feels a bit of an odd block but I saw Kerry's and was persuaded. I am glad I did as I really like the two pinks. I was going to do it in orange and yellow to match the butterflies but I might do that on another block.

A good catching up week considering how fiddly both blocks were.

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