Sunday, May 29, 2016

FW67: Mrs Brown & FW68: Mrs Fay

This week was a big week; the blocks were a bit more complicated. I really don't relish the y-seams but I decided to sit down and properly research how to do them as so far, mine are pretty rubbish. So I used this tutorial. So a good week learning wise and a good set of blocks in the end. I feel that they go well together. A slow week though. I feel like I am never going to catch up. I seem to have less extra time for catching up these days. I counted up how many blocks I need for a twin quilt and I only need to drop 4 more blocks. That means I might have to be a little bit more discerning.

Mrs Brown block
This turned out to be a pretty straightforward block. I decided to add a fourth colour just because I had seen other people do it and really liked the effect.

I'm really pleased with the colour combination. I think this is another favourite block. It would make a great quilt just this block with different. I might make this combination my new favourite and do some more blocks. The pale peach is a scrap though so I am not sure how long it will last.

Everything lined up pretty well considering how small it is. I've lost a point on the right hand side, but otherwise I am pretty happy.

Mrs Fay block
I sewed this block wrong and unpicked it so many times; all the units were fraying by the end. My spray starch was on overdrive. In the end I felt it was a bit hit and miss with my technique and I am not sure why. Sometimes it worked perfectly, other times it was a pain.

Here it is before I trimmed it to size. Look at that top left crinkle. That wasn't even my first attempt. Sigh. And I feel I got my colours round the wrong way. I am tempted to make it again as I do think it is a nice block, but I feel that the low volume should swap places with the pink fabric so it's a proper background. Hmmm. Free time will decide.

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