Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Going Public

Me and Kate are thinking of doing a stall at the Brick Lane little Christmas fete thingy which happens every year. we went this year just gone and came away with heaps of stuff. Keyrings, purses, badges, all manner of useless things people had made. I loved everything.

For £50 you get a table alongside lots of illustrators, fanzine and fashion type folk who sell their small things for one weekend during the run up to Christmas. Me and Kate have been wracking our brains what to make. So to get the ball rolling I have made price tags... Now I just need to make some things for a fiver. I think Five pounds might be our theme. Everything could be five pounds! Oh I do love thinking about it. Lukily there is plenty of time and we don't need to make much as we are splitting the stall 4 ways. That's probably 30 square centimeters each.

So the question remains: What can I make quickly and sell for five pounds that the trendy young londoners will like?
So far all I seem to be making is pin cushions.