Saturday, May 05, 2007

I Made Badges

I made badges. In a real proper badge machine. It was ace. I MUST have one. I MUST. I will spend all my day making badges which serve no purpose whatsoever. I have already lost one which said 'cake' on it. This is very sad. The 'Sister' one is ace. It's taken from the Argos Catalogue jewelry page. Steve and Caroline made this one but I made them give it to me as I loved it so much. I am going to get myself an Argos Catalogue, a badge machine and lock myself in a dark room only to emerge bedecked in badges. Alternatively I might deck out my sock monkeys in them. Yes. This is a plan.


f. pea said...

i understand the intense desire for a badge-maker that you must be feeling right now. i too long for one of these wondrous tools!

Anonymous said...

You MUST help me. I have started watching them on Ebay. I have so many ideas. I want to cut holes out of medical journals, food packaging, anything I can get my hands on!!! I MUST HAVE ONE. I know it is essentially useless, but the need is there.