Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ring Making

Me and Ray embarked on another day school at White House Arts. This time we made rings. After having tried our hand at bracelets, we knew the score and decided not to overly concern ourselves with designs which required a great deal of finish. I mean who wants to spend half the day polishing. I managed to boil my silver early on ensuring that I'd have no smooth shiny finished item, but I quite like the rough effect it gave the ring. Apparently it's a sought after technique with a cool sounding name so the teacher tried to placate me with. Can you see it on the surface? The other ring has a pattern created by putting through a flattening machine with a feather. It was a great day, but both my rings are slightly too small and start to cut off my blood supply as the day progresses. But what are a few blue fingers in the name of creativity eh? Anyway Ray asked for the size information on the fact sheet so here it is. (I will bing it home with me next time, but just in case you feel the need to make me a ring in the meantime…)

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ray said...

I did buy a little piece of silver for a birthday project...I think you'll find your birthday is in the bag!