Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Badge Badger

After playing with my friends industrial badgemaker I was hooked. The end of the month made me impetuous and before I knew it, my very own machine was winging its way from Germany. Do I need one? Not really. Do I want one? Yes siree I do. Now every creature will have it's very own badge and I might even do some sets for the stall. I feel the urge to make a sock monster in celebration. I have some very sparkly socks from Top Shop which will do just the job.


Roman Peklaj said...

Found your Blog today, searching for some badge making informations. You are doing really nice work. Like your square monsters and letterpress art and of course badges. Can you tell me the name of badge machine you use.

Thank you for your answer.

Roman Peklaj

Anonymous said...

I got my machine off Ebay from a German manufacturer called 'Badgematic Button GmbH'. I think it's the '900'model. I also bought the heavy duty 'Type 2006' circle cutter.