Thursday, June 28, 2007

Meet The First of Many

Poliphilus Hemskerck has problems; issues; life concerns. He always has them. He wears them like a warm rat on his shoulder casually sniffing his ears. He is sure the excess worry will be his downfall just as sure as he is sure of his ineluctable downfall. With so little control over the inevitable Poliphilus Hemskerck spends a great deal of his time shrugging his shoulders and imagining doom. He also likes to take amateur french classes and dance the tango like he is full of amour and vigour.

Poliphilus worries about his ears. They are rather pointy. A problem with angles so his creator tells him.


Anonymous said...

He's gorgeous! He really looks like he couldn't care less!

f. pea said...

Ha! Rock on with your cute unstable stripey self, Poliphilus Hemskerck!