Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Note on Measuring

I asked my mum what the most accurate way to measure material was. I had been using the markings on my cutting mat a great deal, especially to establish right angles, but also for when material was bigger than my ruler could measure. My ruler collection is growing. When I first started my mum gave me a ruler she had snapped in half and a cutting matt with cm measurements on it.

And it did me proud for a good long time.

Then she gave me a giant square ruler which she was chucking out as she never used it. I think it's great! I use it all the time, but I do agree with her that it's often a little short.

One day though, I decided to upgrade my kit. I didn't need to really, but I think if you invest a lot of time in a hobby then it can be a real treat to indulge yourself with tools to make life easier. So I bought myself a Olfa Cutting Mat 24" x 36" in the sale at a Quilt show. I think a show is a good place to buy one as everyone is trying to persuade you to buy one then and there from their stall. This can make the discounts far greater than those found online.

I also bought my first ruler. One big, long 24x6" one to replace the snapped one. Having this allowed me to measure in the way my mum recommended. If your ruler isn't wide enough, then use two at once! So to measure an 8 1/2" strip. I measure 2 1/2" with the 15" square, then add the 6" ruler next to it. You'd think this would make all my blocks line up, but of course, there is plenty of room inbetween for me to botch it up!

Progress continues. It's getting rather garish. I half wish it was just my new green blocks with plain triangles inbetween, but there's no changing it now. I have to get to the bitter end. I think it will look great in a plain white room on top of white bed linen. Now for the red block. No one could call me subtle...

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ray said...

It's lovely Jay, go all the way with it. It will look amazing in your house!