Friday, June 18, 2010

At the Market

I went to Spital Fields market on Friday for a mooch around the vinyl records and I saw these two stalls. One selling wool, which I had not seen before and one selling great crochet dolls. I thought they were great but the crafter in me wished she also sold kit patterns. There's a whole flickr roup dedicated to crochet rabbits. I want to make one like this

I also went passed this cafe and thought the flowers were really cool so I thought I'd show you. I can find Spital fields a bit depressing sometimes as I feel that also they have made it all swish and fancy, it has happened at the expense of all the fashion stalls and amazing jewelery makers that used to be there. With chain stores everywhere these days, I just thought it was a shame to fill it with more chain stores when there used to be unique little junk shops and the like on the fringes, but you know, I have to get over it.

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