Monday, April 16, 2012

Sashing Swoon

Swoon So finally I have done the sashing, not particularly well I might had, but it's quite hard to feed such a big beast through my machine. It gets caught on everything. Makes me realise my setup just doesn't handle big quilts!

Swoon I should have sewn the sashing, starting from the middle so they lined up better. My blocks varied in size from 25.5 - 25.6". I thought this wouldn't matter but it all adds up and leads to losing the points on a few of the stars at the end of the line. Above is the worst case. It's a shame because the block was perfect until I had to sew over the edges.


At least it's done now. Now I just need to do the backing. Sigh... so near and yet so far!


Nicole said...

I really *really* love patchwork, I just wish I had the patients to make something as beautiful. The patterns great, a very classic looking quilt. I bet you smile every time you see it - "yay I made this!" :-) I would ;-)

Jaypeg said...

Thanks Nicole, but everytime I look at it I just think how huge it is and how much I still have to do! I need to address my attitude!

sewa elf said...

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