Saturday, September 01, 2012

Hexagon Progress

Hexagons So I was hoping to be able to finish this project before the new addition to the family arrived but as my mum tells me, slow projects are suposed to be slow. This represents a month of sitting on the sofa so far. It's amazing how small it looks for all the time invested in it. I'm not quite sure how big I am going to make it. I am worried I will put it down and never finish it. At the moment I am set on adding 6 more horizontal rows. Then I will stand back and assess how I feel about it. I definitely enjoy the process so if I get the time then I might well continue with it.

Hexagons Here's the back. It's a bit messy because my seams are 1/2 inch not 1/4 but it works for me. It still seems to lie pretty flat. I also put lots if knots in it when I reach a corner to make it tight and to help if any of it should unravel.

Hexagons I reuse the templates a lot as it seems to save time. You can see I only take the ones out which aren't open at the edges.

Hexagons They're a bit bent but it doesn't seem to make any difference to the end result. So I have got a big stack of them ready to reuse and I have cut lots of fabric ready to be tacked down.

Packing up Here is my bulging travel sewing kit. I could really do with a tin, but this will do. I have created a mini filing system out of bits of cut down old envelopes so I can keep the colours in some order. I have bought a new reel of thread and loaded up with sharp needles. I am going to pack this in my hospital bag and try and get some tacking done during my sejourn in the maternity ward from Monday. We'll see if I actually feel like doing any. I just thought that then this whole quilt will hold the memory of this very memorable time. I do like it when objects hold memories.


Whiskers said...

I hope your absence from this space is because you are otherwise occupied with the new arrival. If so, many congratulations.

Jaypeg said...

Indeed. My hands free days seem to have temporarily come to a halt! I should update this in a post!