Thursday, August 23, 2012



Hexapattern.jpg So you can see how far I have got. If I were to make this a newborn quilt then I'd be nearly there. I drew up a diagram to help show me where the pink stars should be. But. I could make it bigger. I am not sure if I can hack that much more work though!

Hexapattern_cot.jpg This would be a cot sized quilt. Well a bit less tall but it would fit well I think. The orange square reminds me how far I am now and shows just how much more there would be to do. I wouldn't even be half way! Yikes.

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Kim said...

If you could keep going, this would be a lovely cot quilt. It will still be lovely if it is smaller, though! After all,babies are usually small too...Hope the ankles are feeling better, and good luck.