Friday, August 02, 2013

Crochet roll

Crochet roll I made a new crochet roll! It's all yellows and oranges, my colours.

Crochet roll It's not as neat as the last one. But it only took a long naptime. Something to do during some extra long ill naptimes. Perfect for a rainy day in.

Crochet roll I love the Pink Chalk pattern. It's so easy to use. I never tire of it! Just what you need when you have no brain power and little time. All the bigger projects are languishing at the moment as everytime I get them out I make a mistake then I have to put them away again.

It also only used bits from the stash. I was thinking I might never use these Amy Butler fat quarters I was given, but it all worked out nicely. A birthday present for under a fiver!

Crochet roll I quite like the fabric now I have used it. I was thinking of getting rid of it as my love for Amy Butler fabric seems to have declined, but now I see it finished I am pleased it is so bright and jolly. It reminds me of the very first knitting needle roll I made.

Crochet hook roll I'm sorry to see my weird yellow button go, but it fitted perfectly.

Crochet roll I made loads of mistakes as usual, but I did manage to get the pocket the right height so you can see the sizes of the crochet hooks. Now I just need to make myself one as my needles are just stuffed in a jar. Typical. The ill sleeper has decided not to sleep today so there will be no sewing, just a lot of grizzling and playing with plastic toys which play the same tune over and over and over again. Joy.

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