Saturday, August 17, 2013

Log Cabin

20130814-P1280895.jpg So I have been itching to try and do some sewing. I decided to start with my £4 scrap bag from The Eternal Maker. It was great. So easy. It's the second time I have done this log cabin technique and once again I am struck by how easy and quick it is. I tried to just make it up as I went along but not paying too much attention to it. I ended up not using quite a few of the fabrics, they just didn't seem to fit the colour scheme that developed pretty quickly. I added in some of the 'bubble life' fabric by birch fabrics I bought as it fit in so well. I really enjoyed making them. I just need to make them into something now.

20130816-IMG_4743.jpg In the end I just decided to make 5" blocks and see what happened.

20130816-IMG_4764.jpg I got four out of it. If I had used all the fabric I probably would have got twice as many. Now do I just sew them all together or put sashing in or add bits to it? I have to think...

Peg bag After a think I decided to expand the blocks with bits from my scrap bag as I didn't want them to look like defined blocks. I also wanted it to look more chaotic and unmeasured so I tried to relax into it a bit and stop being so precise. I am pleased with the results... i think.

Tomoorrow I plan to quilt each panel then sew them into a basic bag shape so I can store pegs in it. We'll see how I get on.

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