Thursday, August 15, 2013

What I bought

So What did I end up buying at the Quilt show? Well I was trying to go crazy, but of course I did go crazy. It didn't seem to matter that I have no time these days and that I have not made that much since having Penelope. But there were just too many lovely things which I never see in other places.

20130814-P1280889.jpg I thought I manage not to buy something at Sunflower fabrics but the lure of Liberty prints was just too much. There is no real plan for them. One I have already but I really love. I am hoping to do Posy gets Cosy improve quilt in old fashioned favs from the scrap bag and I thought these might go in it. As if I don't have enough already. Sigh...

20130814-P1280890.jpg I managed to get half way round without making any other 'big' purchases which is exactly what I planned. Just a few fat quarters to make me happy. More Liberty fabric because I am SURE I need more. I just loved those patterns. A fatquarter from Cotton Patch. Usually I spend a lot there so I was pleased at my restraint. The material is one I have and love and have used a lot so I was glad I found it. I kind of wish I had bought a metre. A bit of Stef Francis thread to thank her for giving me a free ticket just when it meant a lot to me. I love hand quilting with her thread, it's just such nice quality. Oh and lastly, the chicken is like one I have bought before and put in a frame so I was very pleased. Such a nice thing for £1!

20130814-P1280880.jpg This was the only thing I actually needed. I have been looking for some dark fabric to go on my Posie gets Cosy quilt. I don't really use a lot of dark fabric so it's been hard to find something I like. I thought this would be perfect. This project is churning away in the back of my mind. One day...

20130814-P1280879.jpg I've been wanting to make something for Penelope for ages. She's not really very girly, but I have this pink Liberty flowery fabric and I have always wanted to make her a flowery dress. The problem is she doesn't really wear a lot of dresses. They prevent crawling. I decided that this Oliver + S pattern would be perfect and I was looking online at where to buy it, then suddenly it was there at The Eternal Maker. It totally distracted me from buying loads of fabric which is so tempting as it's all so modern and lovely. I have decided that I have more than enough modern fabric really so I was very abstemious and just bought the pattern and a little offcut bag.

20130814-P1280895.jpg I thought I might try and use this up straight away. I might mess about and so some wonky improv logcabin stuff, just to see if I can do it. Maybe during a naptime if I can.

20130814-P1280886.jpg It was at Oakshott that it went wrong. I had seen Oakshott fabric on the web so I knew I wanted to check it out as I am getting more and more into solids. It's lovely fabric and beautiful colours. I was beguiled pretty quickly. They had their "Amazing quilt" on display which is a free pattern on their website. It was just so lovely that I bought a little bundle of fabric. I ummed and ahhed, but Julia shook me and pursuaded me. Now that's a selling technique. I keep looking at the bundle. It's so perfect, I can't bear to open it. I think this might be an up and coming project as it's simple enough for me not to have to think too hard.

20130814-P1280887.jpg Then in the last few hours it all went wrong. I was doing so well. But I saw Karen from The Running Chicken's modern sampler quilt and suddenly I needed the pattern and some more modern fabric to go with it! Even though I had sworn not to buy anymore. I'll write more about it in a separate post.

20130814-P1280882.jpg Then I went back to The Eternal Maker and bought all the things I had resisted earlier. D'oh! It's so exciting though, the fabrics are going to be perfect. I am so fired up about this! Now I just need to work it all out so I do a block a month. If you want to do it with me...

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LiLoPe said...

It's soo hard to resist all the cute stuff!! :D I have the same problem when I visit a crafts fair! Aww and that chiken ♥ sooo cute!