Thursday, January 09, 2014

This Year

So I have been thinking about what projects I have in mind for this year. I don't really have any firm ideas as I have so little time these days, but it's good to have goals right? So...

I really need to finish off the sawtooth star quilt. It's all in strips waiting for me to sew it together. I am putting it off because then I will have to buy wadding and backing which is expensive and then I will have to lay it out somewhere to baste it and the house is so full of boxes and junk that I just can't imagine where. But. I still want to finish it.

Postage Stamp
I also really want to finish my postage stamp quilt because I need the fabric for other projects afterwards. I am only half way through though and it's fiddly exacting work. I would reeeeeaaaaly like to do more of it though. I know exactly where the project bag lives so I have no excuse not to set it all up. It's just such a lot of work! I really want to do it right. I tried to do one block and nothing matched up because I was rushing it too much.

After I finish the postage stamp then I'd really like to start my Posie improv quilt, using all my favourite flowery fabrics. I've been squirrelling bits of fabric away for it for a long time. It's going to be a real stash buster and I really want to be able to sit and think about each and every fabric. Again, though, it's another big quilt. All these quilts are big. Realistically I am far better off doing smaller projects as they come together quicker in the time I have and to be honest, I have none of the small things which I love like a bag or wool pouch.

I do have my MapleO quilt to finish which I recently started. I'm really enjoying this. I just have to do a fiddly bit as my blocks came out different sizes but I am going to try and do this next as it's so nearly done and I'm really into it at the moment. Thangles are ace. I am going to be putting thangles in a lot of new projects. I'd quite like to do a mini bear's paw quilt at some point just because thangles are so much fun, but we'll see. Penelope will be out of sleeping bags at some point next year so a quilt for her cot would be good. Not that she doesn't already have one, but it's rather delicate. I think something a bit more machine made is in order. Bear's paw could be the answer!

So this is the year of the small project. The above might all get shelved until Penelope is a bit older, we'll see. So I need some small project ideas. So I am sniffing some out to make a list of. Pinterest and me have a date.

I managed to totally break my rotary cutter this christmas. Heaven knows what happened to it, but it's busticated. I was gutted. It has served me well though. Mumple gave it to me at the very beginning of all this quilting lark. So my new one arrived from The Quilted Bear today. A Christmas present to myself. A sign that I need to get going again!

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