Thursday, January 23, 2014

What I bought


So I have been shopping. Terrible. Sigh. But I now have my wadding! Ta-da! Quilter's dream puff! First impression. It seems far thinner than I was expecting. It feels very soft and puffy though. It's much lighter than the 100% cotton Warm and Natural I am used to and far less scratchy than the Hobbs 80/20. So we'll see how it pans out. I just wanted something warm and slightly bulkier so I have a nice squashy, wrinkly quilt. I bought it all from The Cotton Patch

I need to hoover the floor first to remove any stray crushed raisons and rice cake crumbs. I know I shouldn't really feed Penelope in the sitting room, but we have been having dinner picnics on the carpet together to avoid evening highchair meltdown. When she is 12 I am going to enjoy ripping up the carpet and throwing it away! That's far easier than cleaning. 

So what did I buy other than that? Geez. I couldn't stop myself. I bought a spare blade for my new huge rotary cutter. I decided that was just a must. After using a blunt blade all through Christmas, I realise what a pain it can be and how it can really mess up good cutting. I also bought some Peltex 71F Single Sided Fusible Ultra Slim Stabilizer. And do you know why? Neither do I. I just liked its name. I've never really thought about interfacing. I just thought it was either thin, medium or heavy. Then I ambled into the Interfacing section of The Cotton Patch and thought 'wowzers'. 

I've been creating my 'Small projects' Pinterest board and I realised that they all seemed to use interfacing, well mostly the bags. I don't really know much about it so as it was cheap, I just bought a little bit. I didn't have a plan though. It's pretty thick. It would be great for a credit card holder. I'd also like to make Penelope some more clothes as I really enjoyed the dress I made her. I want to use my new blind hem foot mumple bought me for Christmas and learn to do a button hole. So those are my tasks for 2014 

1. Make a bag or something with interfacing 
2. Make a dress or something for Penelope 
3. Learn to do buttonholes 
4. Learn more about interfacing I might start by reading this

I also bought a fat quarter of fabric I didn't need, but I get depressed if there is no fabric in my shopping. It's only small, honest! I thought it could be a lining for something. I hate using nice fabric as linings because you might never really get to see it.

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