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The end of the month was payday so I splashed out and bought some zips to mark zipfest: learning everything about doing zips. I am going to make some zipped bags in all the ways I can find to increase my knowledge of this strange world. Eventually I would like to be a person who can dress make using zips. Then I'll learn welt pockets and buttonholes. Before you know it I'll be a pro. Sigh... or just not quite so rubbish. I have no idea what kind to buy or what the difference is between them. I probably should have chosen a pattern to follow, but I just thought it would be exciting to buy a few random ones and hope for the best. I am so rock n roll.

From Jaycotts
KSB SP10 574 - 25cm (10") open ended lightweight nylon zip - light grey
YKK ZZ10 574 - 25cm (10") regular skirt and dress zip - light grey
YKK ZZ06 516 Regular Skirt & Dress Zip: Pinks - Shocking Pink 15cm (6")

From My Fabrics
50_4711_572 Reissverschluss 4711 (572)
50_511213_576 Reissverschluss 511213, (576)

20140302-P1330496 I also got a little yellow zip and an orange one:

50_4711_506 Reissverschluss 4711 (506) 14cm
50_4711_849 Reissverschluss 4711 (849) 16cm

All in all, the My Fabrics zips arrived quicker even though they're from Germany, but they were more expensive and the postage was more. The colours are brighter though and the thicker teeth are very satisfying. Jaycotts do the chunkier version but they didn't have as wide a colour range to choose between and I really wanted a bright yellow one. It was a good test though. Both shops are pretty cool. I just hope I bought the right thing. Now I am going to go read these tutorials.

I'll probably try this first
Simple zip pouch
A zip using a zip foot
A zipper end
Nice neat ends
A diagram I will understand by the end of this zipfest
A zipper end and an interior pocket
Three patterns with neat zipper ends
An interesting cutout method
I like the long end of the zip here
And lastly a fancy hidden zip

Day 178 - Sorting

Found this in the fabric stash. Sigh. Someone is really into unfolding fabric then sitting on it.

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