Sunday, March 09, 2014


20140312-P1330615 20140312-P1330621 20140312-P1330624 Finally I finished my version of Amanda's MapleO quilt. I'm really pleased with it. I enjoyed every minute of it. I really enjoy looking at all the special details in it. I feel a bit gushy about it, but only because it's so great. It makes a nice change from when I finished the Swoon; I wasn't that into it after all that hard work, but this, this I am into in a big way. I just sit in bed looking at it changing my mind about what I love most about it. Here goes...

MapleO I love the line of darker brown I had to add to the top of the block and the tiny geese and ribbon at the side. And the dash of pink.

MapleO I love the dash of pink here and the dictionary texts at different angles.

MapleO I love these stars. I wish I had made the background wider like Amanda's though. There is something nice about that. I love the Denyse Schmidt fabric, I can't believe I finally used it. It is one of my all time favourites so I can never bear to use any of it. I think the green and the grey with the dark purple really work together. I love looking at them.

MapleO I love the Pennants Waving fabric so much that I used it on the back. I might have to buy some more of this fabric. I really like the colours. It feels very minty and modern.

MapleO Here's the whole back. I managed to use up all my fat quarter leftovers pretty much with the back. I think the strips make it interesting. I love Lizzy House's Pearl Bracelets. I might have to alternate which side goes upright as I really like the back.

MapleO I love this block, it's my favourite part of the quilt. I kind of wish I had used more of the script fabric but I was worried that I would change my mind about it and hate it. In fact I really like it.

MapleO The purple and brown mix really worried me, but I think it's much better than it being all shades of one colour. It gives it some complexity.

MapleO I even managed to sneak in a few scraps of Grandad's pillowcase. It's perfect. I love it against the pale dot, another fabric I must have had for years but have never wanted to use as it's so lovely.

Ok. Gush over. I'll try and take an upright picture of it tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Lovely lovely lovely!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely lovely lovely!!!