Thursday, March 13, 2014

Zipper #1

So for my first dabble into zipper land, I tried this tutorial. I made a few mistakes when I altered the measurements, but I learnt a great deal.

20140313-P1330664 This is my current wallet. It was a freebie when I bought a baby wetsuit. It's not an item of desire, but it is extremely useful as I seem to have to carry more stuff these days. Everyday I have to look at it though. I think i'd like something nicer to look at. I've never really used my sewing skills to make any nice accessories for myself but now is the time.


I cracked open my first zip! I love the chunky teeth, they're so meaty. It's a 14cm YKK Yellow 506 zip; the smallest one I bought. I really wanted to try doing these end bits. I think they really work nicely. I stupidly got some of mine in the seam though which is not ideal. It makes it lumpy.

20140313-P1330636 I used some Marguerite Stripe Yellow by Riley Blake and some Heather Ross Itsy Bitsy spider fabric. I couldn't quite fit this into a quilt but I love it. Now I will get to look at it every day.

20140313-P1330639I didn't really understand the sewing instructions when it came to sewing the second part of the zip so I sewed it wrong the first time.

20140313-P1330641 I thought you pulled the whole thing through the zip opener when actually you just had to pull it through the side. It feels a lot clearer now.

20140313-P1330646 If I had wanted both sides to be the right side up then I should have cut it into front and back pieces. I quite like it upside down though with the cropped text.

20140313-P1330654 I am so happy with it though. I am going to use it everyday! I don't really know why I didn't make one sooner. I would use thicker interfacing next time though so make it a bit stiffer. I am already planning a second... with credit card pockets.

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