Tuesday, March 01, 2016

FW47: Joy & FW48: Judy

Another week gone and nearly half way. It feels a bit unreal. It also feels like a long way to go. I toy with the idea of pausing to insert a little side project just to give myself a breather from tiny piecing, but i don't want to upset the flow. This week i did both blocks as they were so nice. I was going to drop Joy as I promised myself I would just do one per week but in the end I caved in. 

Block 47 Joy
This was a nice block to do. There are a few bits that don't line up, but in general, i'm happy. I couldn't really decide on the colour so I just went with yellow again. I have sort of lost the plot with my colour scheme. I thought I had a plan but I don't seem to. So I thought I would just be a bit random and get some more blocks under my bely before having a sit down with them all. I guess it times like this when you wish you had a big design wall to put them up on.


Block 48 Judy
This block came together quite quickly but my middle unit didn't line up with the others by quite a long shot. Luckily I had stretch on my side and was able to do some hardcore stretching. 
I wasn't sure about the colours. I wanted the star to be yellow but I cut the wrong bits out so it ended up where it is. Bizarrely if I had got it right then it would have looked exactly like Kerry's which I didn't see until after I had made this. Great minds...

I'm pretty pleased with the result. It looks very bright and pleasing. So I am glad I made the block in the end. I'm starting to feel like I need to have a crack at something completely different so I don't race ahead. Maybe that's me getting a bit ahead of myself though, we'll see.

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