Tuesday, March 29, 2016

FW53: Lucy & FW54: Magnolia

A complicated week. One easy block and one hard one. Well, just a lot of small bits. I'm not that overwhelmed with my fabric choices this week but at least they are bright and sunny.

Block 53 Lucy
After taking such a long time, I feel it's a bit monochrome and boring. How annoying! I wish I could foresee these things. It's pretty accurate all things considered.

I think in hindsight I would have made the small four squares totally different colours.

Here are all my sections laid out ready to sew. It took me a few days just to make each unit. It was a good one to break down into small repeating units.

And here are my seams. It was all very neat considering. I thought it would be really bulky but it'd not too bad. I find it really helps to just mega iron at every stage. Plenty of steam, spray starch and really practice pressing correctly so that the seam lines don't warp but do lie flat. I can spend a long time ironing. It really adds time to the overall construction but I think it really makes your block look neat like other peoples. Sometimes open seams aren't good for nesting so it's a bit of working out the best solution for the final fitting together of the units. It really helps with everything lining up though.


Block 54 Magnolia
I considered dropping this block as it's not really my thing but, well, I just did it in the end, hoping my mind might be changed. It's ok, but it's still not really my style. At least I know my own mind.

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