Saturday, March 12, 2016

FW49: Katherine & 50: Lady

Another week and suddenly it really is halfway. Unreal. This is such a labour of love project. Overall though, this halfway week was an easy one. The Tigerlily cat fabric featured heavily this week. On another note, my new fabric arrived for my new side project and in it was one fat quarter of low volume for this quilt, so that will probably feature in next week's blocks.

FW49: Katherine
This block was nice and easy to sew together but slow to fussy cut as I had to label the direction of each bit and keep checking them against the pattern. Of course once I had finished I realised I had forgotten to cut them as mirror images of the pattern so in the end I just traced the pattern onto the other side of my paper by holding it up to the light.

I really like this block. I've been really looking forward to it. I am not sure why, I just like it. So I wanted to use my favourite fabrics. I felt that I got my colours just right: peaches, pink and purple. 

FW50: Lady
Lady turned out to be pretty easy which was nice. Plus it was a good example to show more cats. I am not sure how much I like my orange spot fabric; it's every so slightly murky, but it's an ok block which came together pretty quickly.

Not much had to match up apart from the central square points so it didn't tax my brain too much

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