Wednesday, April 13, 2016

FW57: Margaret & FW58: Martha

A good week in Farmer's Wife land. I really liked both of this week's blocks. They are a bit similar really in a sawtooth star kind of way, but that's one of my favourite blocks so I was pretty happy. I feel like I am going to make the next batch of blocks all out of the same peach and pink combo.


Block 57 Margaret
Margaret was another block that I have been waiting to make for a long time. It really stuck in my mind even though it is relatively straightforward as a block. I think I liked the contrast people had in their blocks, like this one by Emmy and this one by Kbrusven.

So I decided to use some of my precious hoard of Denyse Schmidt fabrics which I haven't cracked open since the MapleO quilt. I really didn't want to mess this one up as the fabrics are so precious so I spent a long time choosing the fabrics; probably an entire evening! I couldn't decide between the plain peach fabric and my low volume Paperie fabric. I think it's come out well though and might have been too busy otherwise.

But it was well worth it. I love it! It will have to go right in the middle of the quilt somewhere. It is my favourite block of the entire quilt!

Block 58 Martha
I used some of my coveted Lizzie House star fabric here. It's just the right shade of dark purple. I also wanted to use a few solids. I was tempted to do it all in solids but I felt like it would stand out too much. I am really happy with the colour combination.


Here are some of my pink hues all together. Don't they look pretty! I think this week has been one of the best.


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