Monday, April 18, 2016

FW61: May & FW62: Milly

So this week I made both blocks. Not the easiest week but I made it. I thought briefly I might fail this week but Sunday I got grumpy and made everything wait until I had done them.

May Block
I wasn't prepared for the Y-seam action this block had going on. It didn't even occur to me until I started sewing the units together. I don't really have the handle on this technique.

This block has lumps and bumps and nothing lines up very well. Each unit was all bent up.

I'm pretty pleased with my fabric choices. I used a bit more of my special Denyse Schmidt fabric. I might have to make it the last block using it as the fabric is so precious.

Milly Block
I made this block a while a go because it was very much like one I made that I wasn't happy with. I feel like the low volume I used here is a bit murky and dirty which annoys me.

I laid out some of my blocks, particularly the newer ones and I am really happy with how it is looking.

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