Wednesday, April 06, 2016

FW55: Malvina & FW56: Marcella

Overall a mixed week. One block I love and one block that doesn't thrill me. The only good thing is that I feel like I knew beforehand which blocks I was into. Maybe I am getting better at predicting which ones I like. I am also amazed I got anything done considering it was Easter, but I took both squares, precut, home with me and did little bits in the mornings when everyone was chilling out.


Block 55 Malvina
I considered dropping this block as it felt a bit dull being only in two colours. Then I decided to do it but swap out the central square for a different colour; to give it some depth.


I don't think it worked. I took all my precut pieces home to mums to sew over Easter on her fabulous Juki machine but I didn't take the overall pattern block home so I got my directions all mixed up for the fussy cutting. I assumed I had marked the orientation on the template pieces but I obviously hadn't. So my ballerinas annoy me. Sigh. Not my best effort. But I could use it as a half block


Block 56 Marcella
I love this block. I have no idea why. I have been looking forwards to it. I really wanted to use my cats and my Paperie fabric as I think they go together so perfectly. I love the end result. And such a quick block to sew together. A definite favourite in my stash.

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