Saturday, February 04, 2006

Making a Monster

I know it's pretty obvious, but it's always nice to see some pictures if you've never done anything like this before. I found that the felt was really the most forgivving material. it just doesn't wrinkle so much. Otherwise I just used basic patchwork cotton.

1. Draw a template out of card, the size you want your monster
2. Draw round the template, then cut round it leaving a 1/8" seem
3. I folded some small bits of ribbon, creased the fold and taped the ends together. I then laid these in the seam facing inwards as I sowed. this allows them to face outwards when you turn them inside out
3. Sow on the line by hand or on machine leaving a gap to turn it inside out. Make it tight stitches if you do it by hand
4. Turn inside out and stuff. I used cheap wadding, I know proper stuffing is much less lumpy. Next time I'll be prepared.
5. Sow up the gap
6. I then appliqued on bellies and faces but I don't think you have to. it's quite trciky and I did mine very badly. Another lesson in Baltimore technique is called for from my mum. I used a variety of threads but I think button thread or perle is best.

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Anonymous said...

Wowee! I love your monsters so much!!!
I wanted to ask; Where did you get all your materials (thread, fabric, felt, stuffing etc.)? How much did it all cost?

Because i'd love to start making my own!!!

Thanks a lot, Orlaith x