Sunday, February 05, 2006

Tea and Cake

So I saw a little picture of a pin cushion in a magazine. I must have remembered it slightly differently though as I thought it was a slice of cake when in fact it is a heart. Anyway it started me off scouting about for similar things and I found these...

Wee's flowers I think these are beautiful but I just don't know where I can source those lovely delicate colours of felt in the UK. Then I found this Cake pin cushion tutorial which I just had to make. Oh the fun I had. Check out the amazing creator Aoi's other cakes

My cake's a little too big, my strawberry lacks the curves tip, my cream needs a twist. I then made the heart and realised you needed to have two seems in order to define the bow of the heart and the tip of it. Mine went a little warped when I tried to create both out of one strip of material. Next I am going to make a slice using a lace layer of cream in the middle. I just haven't quite decided whether to try using material or to stick with felt.

03-Tools 03-Mistake

Can you see how I miscalculated the length of my pink felt? I shouldn't have cut it to size. i should have left it a little bit larger, but I wanted it to all line up.

I couldn't work out the maths so I thought a bit of a drip might look good.

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Mrs Picklebalm said...

just love those pin cushions